Tuesday, 29 January 2013

STYLE FILE #3 I see red, I see red, I see red....

1. KA for E&W Ceramic Bowl, $14.00, from
www.everinghamandwatson.com; 2. Keep calm and carry on, vintage wall clock, $35.85, from www.zazzle.com.au; 3. Rice Bucket with Handles, $135, from
www.fewandfarshop.com.au; 4. Words of cloth red rust print designer 45 x 45cm cushion cover by Mooch Designs, $45, from www.cushionsandcovers.com.au; 5. Kudu Head (leather), $475, from www.safarifusion.com.au; 6. Mileke feather headdress, $595, from www.safarifusion.com.au; 7. Cape wire bowl, $159, from www.safarifusion.com.au; 8. Mikko chino red print 65cm x 65cm designer cushion cover by Surface Art, $80, from www.cushionsandcovers.com.au; 9. 3 Drawer Double Door Red Cabinet, $1,400, from www.fewandfarshop.com.au; 10. Terra Nova red cushion by ID Creations, $28, from www.cushionsandcovers.com.au; 11. Red Laila pouffe by ID Creations, $75, from www.cushionsandcovers.com.au

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